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Bligh Island Shipwreck

In 1968 the MV Schiedyk struck an underwater ledge and sank near Bligh Island, Nootka Sound, British Columbia. In 2020 a sheen of oil was seen on the water in the area, and the Canadian Coast Guard determined the MV Schiedyk was the source. The Canadian Coast Guard, BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, and the Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nation have set up a Unified Command to respond to the spill. These videos show some of the work underway during the response.

Link to Videos on Vimeo: 

  1. Underwater footage during the Technical Assessment including the patch

  2. Atlantic Condor during the Technical Assessment 

  3. Technical assessment – visibly less oil on the water with completion of temporary hull patch

  4. On-water response: a video of a Current Buster tow

  5. Drone footage showing the shipwreck encircled by boom to address tidal changes and a healthy otter been monitored near the site

  6. The DFO Marine Mammal Response Team working at the Bligh Island shipwreck 

  7. The Bligh Island shipwreck response from underwater, from the air and on the water